Welcome to Raintree Veterinary Center located in Hoquiam, Washington. We offer a variety of services…

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Cat Friendly Practice

Our practice has made a commitment to you and your cat to become a
Cat Friendly Practice
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Find out what current promotions are running at Raintree Vet Center…

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We are accredited by the American Animal Hospital. Find out what this means to you…

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Raintree Veterinary Center

Welcome to Raintree Veterinary Center! Our state-of-the-art animal hospital is proudly located in Hoquiam, Washington, and is always open to pet owners both new and old alike! We offer a wide variety of veterinary services and ensure that our veterinarians deliver stellar care no matter the ailment; big or small. Some of our primary focuses are on dental exams and preventative care. Our veterinarians and highly trained staff are dedicated to keeping pets both happy and healthy. We’re proud to serve the communities of Aberdeen, Ocean Shores, Westport, Grayland, Montesano, Elma, Cosmopolis, as well as the local Grays Harbor communities. Whether you’re new in town or have called Hoquiam your home for decades, we hope you’ll visit our animal clinic and feel like a member of the family!

Some of our additional services include: wellness exams, vaccinations, dental prophys, deworming programs, spaying and neutering, orthopedic surgeries, complete blood work, pain management, ear flushing and cleaning, nail trimming, and much more. Please call our animal clinic today to find out if your pet’s needed service is available.

Laser Therapy

Joint pains? Muscle strains? Hip dysplasia? Not to fear, the K-laser is here! This great treatment option uses light wavelengths to help ease pain, reduce swelling, and increase range of motion. No sedation required, just the warm, soothing tingle of relief. No down time, no drugs, no side effects, no problems!! Call us today!!!

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Dog and cat microchipping is a simple and valuable procedure. A HomeAgain microchip is permanent pet ID. Visit www.HomeAgain.com for more information on your Free 1 year Registration included with microchip!

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Why does dentistry require anesthesia?

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When you go to the dentist, you know that what’s being done is meant to help you and keep your mouth healthy. Your dentist uses techniques to minimize pain and discomfort and can ask you how you are feeling, so you accept the procedures and do your best to keep still. Your pet does not understand the benefit of dental procedures, and he or she reacts by moving, trying to escape, or even biting.

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