BayCi and Waggle’s Laser Therapy Success Story

April 18, 2013

The Team at Raintree Veterinary Center
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RE:  K-Laser Therapy

My dog, BayCi’ and cat, Waggles were both recipients of the K-Laser Therapy recently, so I thought I’d give you my impression of the results for each of them.

BayCi’, an 8-year old Greater Swiss Mountain dog/shepherd mix, being a large dog (143 pounds), and significantly overweight, has had hip issues for some time which, as he gets older, are making him rather sedentary. We used to think he was just being lazy when, while sitting,  he would turn around by moving only his front feet, and merely rotate his behind without getting up…making little “crop circles” on the carpet. Actually, I think it hurt him too much to stand up if it wasn’t absolutely necessary.

BayCi’ seemed like an ideal candidate for K-Laser, if only to see if it worked. I was thrilled when he won the contest and so decided to have my cat, Waggles done at the same time at my own expense. (Her evaluation follows.) I brought them in for a total of 6 treatments each.

After the 2nd treatment, I could see a real difference in BayCi’ and he seemed to have more agility in his hips. However, due to his size, I think he would benefit from additional treatments.  He has still maintained most of the increased mobility he derived from the 6 treatments he received, but I would recommend boosters for dogs his size for enhanced results. Admittedly, BayCi’s weight makes him unenthusiastic about exercise, so weight control can, of course, help too.

My 10-year-old cat, Waggles, showed remarkable improvement after only 1 K-Laser treatment. She only has one hind leg to propel herself around with so, when it got to the point where she could no longer jump up on the couch and had to lie down every few steps while walking across the room, I knew something had to be done. I couldn’t believe the difference the K-Laser treatments made. The effects have been lasting and she is now able to jump on the bed and run through the house. From time to time her leg gets tired (as she, too, is a little plump), but I think a laser booster from time to time might be of benefit to her, as the treatments are supposed to be cumulative.

I am hoping the price will eventually come down. In the meantime, however, I think the fact that this non-invasive laser treatment is effective, without drugs, is compelling enough for people to consider it in order to make their pets lives more enjoyable with less pain.  I would also like to sign my husband up.


From BayCi and Waggle’s Point of View

The Team at Raintree Veterinary Center
300 Myrtle Street
Hoquiam, WA  98550-3036

BayCi’ Clark here. I finished my last K-laser treatment two weeks ago and Mom wanted me to wait for a couple of weeks to see if the treatments had lasting effects. So here is my view of how the treatments went……

First of all though, as you know, I LOVE coming to Raintree and pretty much know the routine……get on the scale, after which mom is handed a brochure on obese dogs (not referring to me of course) and then I drag one of you to the back room to my kennel area. After that you guys really take great care of me no matter what I am in for. (By the way, those brochures are delicious.)

To anyone reading this who doesn’t know me, I am a very handsome 8-year old Greater Swiss Mountain Dog/Lab mix so am 143 pounds of pure muscle……well half of that is anyway…….okay maybe a third. Because of packing all that “muscle” around, and my rather laid back disposition (dad says it is spelled L-A-Z-Y), I have increasing aches and pains as I get older, particularly in my hips. It makes it hard for me to stand up sometimes and I make little snapping sounds when I walk.  They tell me larger dogs age more quickly than smaller ones, so I am already considered a senior citizen, just like my dad, but without the discounts. Ha!

Anyway, I digress……

I was the fortunate winner of the new K-laser treatments being offered by Raintree. Believe me, I was ready to try anything. I thought the laser treatments might hurt, but they actually felt good and I looked forward to each treatment and wished they lasted longer than 8 minutes. I think I had 6 treatments altogether. After the 2nd one I could tell that I was doing better because I was actually able to stand up to go steal my sister’s Dentubone rather than just spinning around on my behind like I used to do.

After the 6th treatment I generally felt better and 9 times out of 10 I was able to stand up and run off with my sister’s bone before she noticed it was gone. The only time I didn’t bother, my dad said I was just L-A-Z-Y. (I’m also afraid of my sister, which I pretend I’m not. She has a wicked growl when she catches me near her stuff, so I don’t argue with her.)

Anyway, I digress……

Mom said the treatments are supposed to be cumulative, and that may or may not be true in my case. I have so much muscle (mom says to spell that F-A-T) that I probably will require some follow-up treatments. I am looking forward to that. Anyway, if any of you dogs (or cats) out there hurt, give the K-laser treatments a try. It’s not cheap, but you are worth it. Consider all the services you  provide your family for practically nothing… dog, patient listener, fetcher, person walker, bed warmer, psychiatrist, and best friend, just to name a few. So look up at your mom or dad with that soulful eye thing you do, wag your tail, and ask them to bring you into Raintree for K-Laser treatments.

P. S. My feline housemate, Waggles, also had the full treatment and she has added her comments below. She is also F-A-T.



BayCi’ Clark


Well, I see that BayCi’ didn’t leave me much room for my comments, but here they are. My name is Waggles Clark and I am a rather plumpish (not F-A-T) 3-legged kitty (thanks to an incident with a neighbor dog, which I will not go into here). Needless to say, I am now a strictly indoor cat. Anyway, since that unfortunate episode, I have had to rely on my one remaining hind leg for propulsion. I am 10 years old and my leg and hip have gotten very tired. In fact, before my mom brought me to Raintree for the K-Laser treatments, I could no longer jump up on anything, no matter how low it was. I used to be able to make a graduated ascent to the bed via a stool, hope chest and then the bed, but that became history. I would even have to lie down on my side after only 3 or 4 painful steps across the living room and believe me, it hurt!

Then Mom brought me to Raintree for the treatments. I hated riding in the car to get there, but let me tell you, it was worth it! After the very 1st treatment, I was actually able to make the ascent to the bed!!! That requires 3 jumps in a row! I was so excited…I was also able to run across the room without lying down once. It was remarkable!! I also completed my treatments two weeks ago and have not had a repeat of my old soreness since. Sometimes, admittedly, I’m a little stiff when I first get going, but I’m not L-A-Z-Y  like you-know-who.

I don’t know about the cumulative effects of the K-Laser treatments but, like BayCi’, I think I would benefit from having a “booster” from time to time. It feels so good to be able to maneuver through the house again and I highly recommend the procedure to all cats.


Waggles Clark


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