Raintree Is Entering the Blogging World



Raintree is entering the blogging world. We know that you couldn’t wait J. Please follow us as we will be sure to have some interesting topics and case studies to share with you.

Our authors will be our two lead technicians Lisa and Jessica and also Dr. Dan Brown.

A little bit about our authors:

Lisa is a licensed veterinary technician, she has worked at Raintree for 10 years. She is very knowledgeable in all areas of veterinary medicine. She enjoys helping with surgical procedures and sending home happy, healthy patients with their owners. She has attended several continuing education courses, with her most recent and exciting training being in behavior.

Jessica is also a licensed veterinary technician, she has worked at Raintree for 8 years. She has been employed at our emergency practice in Olympia during that 8 year period as well. She has been a technician for 14 years. She enjoys K-9 rehabilitation, massage and nutrition the most about her career. She hopes to expand to treating more of our patients with her massage and rehabilitation training.

Dr. Dan Brown is our associate veterinarian. He graduated from WSU in 1994. Has been a veterinarian for 21 years. He has been at Raintree for 2 years. Dr. Dan enjoys educating clients and the staff at our hospital most about his job. His most exciting recent education has been about soft tissue surgery. Dr. Brown finds surgery very exciting, especially orthopedic and knee injury patients. He is certified to treat knee injuries with specialized surgeries.

We would like to hear from you about topics you would like to see us write about, so please comment so we can make sure to cover those topics first. We hope you will follow our blog and share with your friends.

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