Rupert’s Laser Therapy Success Story

May 10, 2013

Dear Raintree Veterinary:

Thank you for the series of laser treatments given to our cat Rubert.  He was suffering from arthritic hips which made it difficult for him to jump onto favorite resting places (such as our lap, the sofa, the bed).  He would evidence his discomfort with sad cries of pain when attempting these maneuvers.  Even the first few laser treatments caused a lessening of discomfort and a return to ease in making these jumps. The evident favoring of his rear legs when walking was also lessened significantly as the treatments progressed.  While we understand that none of us, pets included, can escape the consequences of aging, it is clear to us that laser treatments can significantly increase the quality of life for our cat, so we look forward to continuing the course of treatment as recommended by your staff.  They have been so helpful and supportive throughout the process and we appreciate their kind attention and obvious affection for Rubert.


Michael and Faye Wessells



From Rupert’s Point of View

May 10, 2013

Raintree Veterinary

Dear Friends and Staff:

My beloved servants, Mike and Faye Wessells, brought me in to your fine establishment when they finally understood my predicament.  I was limping and having trouble jumping onto my favorite places to relax, bother them, and remind them that they should be paying attention to me.  When the noticed my discomfort, they asked, “Are you hurting, Rubert?” and I answered, “Me?  Ow!”

As a result of this dialogue, they brought me in to try laser therapy.  Your staff truly understand cats.  They pet me and give me warm treatments and afterwards I feel more able to go where I want to go and jump when and where I wish.  While I deny that I am getting old (I am merely maturing into a more perfect specimen), I do realize that this warm ray helps me move with much of my old agility and a better overall attitude.  It is like a relaxing spa treatment and what cat deserves less?

Thank you for realizing that I require and deserve this special treatment.

Sincerely, Rubert Wessells  (I was going to sign with my paw print, but I did not approve of the taste of the ink they were going to use).

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