Client Services

Our client service department provides many convenient services. We offer varied appointment times to accommodate different schedules. We are able to provide next day special orders for products as well as prescription diets. The on-line store provides easy at home delivery for your pet’s needs through Raintree’s website pet portals.

Wellness Plans

Our wellness plans are designed for convenience. With one monthly flat fee all of your cat’s or dog’s annual wellness needs are met. Please select from the available options below that best suits your pet’s breed/size.

Surgical Services

Raintree Veterinary Center is committed to making your pet’s surgery as safe, comfortable, and stress-free as possible. We include these steps in our procedures for all dogs and cats.

  • Thorough exam by a doctor before the procedure
  • Individualized anesthetic and pain management plans for each pet
  • Best quality anesthetic agents
  • Close monitoring by a technician using a pulse oximeter, EKG and respiratory monitor throughout the procedure
  • IV catheter and fluids to keep blood pressure at a safe level
  • Circulating warm water pad and warm air pillow to reduce the risk of hypothermia
  • Laser therapy on the incision to reduce post-operative pain and inflammation
  • Sterile operating suite • Best quality suture material
  • Post-op monitoring by a trained technician to keep your pet clean and comfortable

We work hard to keep our prices for spays and neuters as low as possible without compromising the high level of service, safety and comfort we provide to your pets and thereby to you. Doesn’t your pet deserve the best?

We offer TPLO orthopedic surgery. To learn more about this procedure please visit the link found here. We encourage you to learn more by reading Indy’s story found here.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy sessions are now available. These sessions can be used to heal or treat numerous different issues with your pet: from hip dysplasia to otitis, infected wounds to soft tissue trauma, post-dental surgery to DJD. Depending on the treatment and therapy sessions needed you may see results in as few as 3 to 6 treatments. No side effects! Come in and learn more about this fantastic new treatment.

Heartworm Testing

Heartworm are on the rise in Washington state. We are now recommending that all pets are tested for Heartworm disease before putting them on a preventative medication. The test is a quick and simple blood test that we can perform in our hospital. This is a disease that is easily preventable. It is much more cost effective and pet friendly to prevent Heartworm disease than to treat the disease. We also recommend yearly Heartworm testing to make sure that your preventative is working. Your preventative, Trifexis or Revolution, should be given once a month or every 30 days! Contact us today for more information or to set up your pet’s testing day!

Online Pharmacy

Order your pet’s prescriptions online. Use our safe and secure website to reorder prescription or supplies for your pet. These are products we recommend and they will be shipped to you directly from your veterinarian. Make sure you are ordering FDA approved prescriptions medications for your pet.
Visit Our New Online Pharmacy!

Digital Dental Radiographs

We are able to take digital radiographs of your pets teeth. The technology is very similar to what you receive when you visit your dentist. Taking digital radiographs allows our veterinarians to immediate identify any issues below the surface of your pet’s mouth. Now our veterinarians are able to view your pet’s entire mouth above and below the surface. They can see roots and bone! Ask us today if your pet needs a dental cleaning or dental radiographs. We recommend dental cleanings at least yearly for every pet.

Prescription Refill

If you need a prescription refill, call our office, giving us at least 24 hours notice to fill your request. If you would like to have your prescription delivered just let us know and we will drop it in the mail for you.


For quick results and diagnostic procedures we have current, up to date, laboratory equipment. We utilize an in house Idexx VetStat Anaylizer complete with a CBC machine. We can run Electrolytes, Thyroid testing, Urinalysis, and Fecal Centrifugation all in our in house lab equipment. There are various other diagnositc tests that we can do in our hospital.

Digital Radiology

We are capable of doing radiographs in our hospital. If your animal is in need of an X-Ray, whether it has a broken bone, heart condition, or possible ingestion of a foreign object, we can do a radiograph in house to determine the treatment your pet needs. Our radiographs are taking using a digital machine.


At Raintree Veterinary Center, we have a complete pharmacy to offer our patients a great line of veterinary medications. Utilizing our pharmacy will ensure that you are receiving the correct medications and dosages for your pet. Some veterinary drugs are FDA approved and those purchased in our clinic are obtained directly from legal and secure distributors. In addition, purchasing in bulk, for some medications, can save you money. Ask us about Revolution for your dog or cat.

Pet Portal

Online access to your pet’s health information.